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Elevator Interlocks

Interlocks for your freight elevator are an absolute necessity for safety. Interlocks are designed to prevent the operation of an elevator, unless the hoistway doors are closed and the interlock is engaged. Interlocks are electrical/mechanical devices that keep the hoistway doors latched when the elevator isn't there.

TRICO offers UL and NYC MEA approved interlocks. Each hoistway door must contain an approved interlock, to allow for the freight elevator to operate only when all hoistway doors are closed and locked. TRICO offers interlocks for both manual and automatic operated hoistway doors.

Value Beyond Price

At TRICO value means more than just great prices. Our true value is synonymous with quality products, dedicated technical specialists and sales professionals who provide you with the information and service you need to keep your business moving.

TRICO - Your Source for Interlocks

TRICO is the only company you need for quality, reliability and price on Interlocks for freight elevators. Contact us at (718) 349-6565, download our brochure, or e-mail us at orders@freightelevatordoors.com for more information. Our knowledgeable sales professionals are ready to assist you with any questions you may have concerning interlocks for freight elevators or any of our other products.