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Freight Elevator Gates

Freight gates are designed to keep whatever freight you are moving in the elevator safe and secure. And finding a freight elevator gate that meets your exact specifications is simple at TRICO. From vertical rise gates to collapsible elevator gates, TRICO, is your freight gate specialist. You can count on TRICO to provide you with freight elevator gates that exceed your expectations in performance, craftsmanship and excellence.

Value Beyond Price

Just like a freight gate provides extra safety and security to the cargo inside the elevator, at TRICO, we provide you with an extra sense of security based on the knowledge that each product we carry has a value far beyond price. TRICO’s value includes quality products, outstanding knowledge, and experts who are available to provide you with the information and service you need to keep your business moving.

TRICO offers two types of freight elevator gates, depending on what type of freight elevator you have:

Vertical Rise Gates are designed to operate vertically in the upward direction. They are available in single panel and double panel, depending on the overhead clearances, each car gate is constructed of wires mesh panels and are counterweighted. These type of gates are ideal for parking garages and warehouses.

Bostwick Gates - Bostwick gates are ideal for freight or passenger elevators where a vertical rise gate is not desirable or preferred.

TRICO -Your Freight Gate Specialist

To order your freight gates for freight elevators, contact TRICO at (718) 349-6565, download our brochure, or e-mail us at orders@freightelevatordoors.com. Our knowledgeable sales professionals are standing by ready to assist you with any questions you may have concerning freight gates, collapsible elevator gates, metal accordion elevator gates or any of our other products.