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Elevator Limits

All automatic bi-parting hoistway doors are equipped with elevator limits at each landing. These elevator limits are electrically wired into the door control panel. Each door limit sends a signal to the door control panel to open and close the door and determine the speed at which the doors will open and close. Each limit is adjustable to obtain a smooth transition between opened and closed.

All automatic vertical rise gates are equipped with an elevator gate limit which is electrically wired into the door controller. It sends a signal to the door controller "telling it" when to open and close the gate and at what speed this should be done. Each limit is adjustable.

Proximity Sensors

Proximity sensors are round sensors with wire leads attached. Proximity sensors perform the same operation as the elevator door limits and gate limits. They send signals to the door control panel which control both when the door opens and closes and at what speed it performs these functions.

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